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  • I’d just kind of waltz on in and I’d say, “Ladies and gentlemen, let’s see who wins a prize for keeping their cool. Simon says, ‘Everybody down on the floor.’ Now, nobody loses their head, then nobody loses their head. Uh… you, sir. Yeah, you do the honors. Take that cash and put it into that bag right there. You’ve got an amazing story to tell your friends. If not, well, you’ve got a tag on your toe. You decide.”

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    Glow In The Dark Heart Locket Necklace

    This heart-shaped silver locket holds a blue, glass, heart-shaped inside which glows bright blue in the dark. The locket features ornate carving to accent the piece and to provide a unique and enchanting lighting effect. Hung on a silver-plated chain. Sold on Etsy.

    Zydrate comes in a little heart necklace?

    I am so very much in love with this piece! It is magically stunning!

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